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The BBQ Forum Barbecue Cookbook Vol. I - The early years of the Forum
Written by Ray Basso   
Saturday, 12 June 2004

This online cookbook is dedicated to all of the wonderful people
who have shared their knowledge.
The People of The BBQ Forum. 

I started The BBQ Forum in 1995 as a project on The Kansas City Bar-B-Que Connection.  The Bar-B-Que Connection was the first web page on the Internet about barbecue.  That's right it was the first one.  The BBQ Forum was started as a new exciting way people could communicate with each other on a web page.  So that made The BBQ Forum the first Forum on the Internet about barbecue.  When I started the BBQ Forum I really didn't think it would last very long.  After all we were talking about BBQ so I reasoned that in a year or two everything that could be said about BBQ would have been discussed.  Since BBQ Forum was started over 740,000 messages have been posted.  I guess I was wrong.


I also didn't know much about BBQ when I started the forum.  I thought that cooking hamburgers in the backyard was barbecue.  Well, the people on the BBQ Forum quickly corrected me and I was informed that real barbecue was slow cooking on a smoker and what I thought was barbecue was really grilling.  Most of the people in the world still believe that grilling is barbecue and so if that is what they believe, then that is what it is.


The people on the Forum have always shared their knowledge about this type of cooking.  They have been so generous that it borders on unbelievable.  An enormous amount of recipes and cooking tips have been shared over the years.  Many times people have suggested that we should make a cookbook.  I even authorized several people over the years to research the possibility of putting together a cookbook but nothing ever happened.  So I have taken on the task of writing as many cookbooks as it takes to compile as much of the information as is possible for future generations. 


Now, this is not a normal cookbook because I didn't want to write a normal cookbook. I like doing things that have never been done before and so that is why this online method was chosen.  I have tried to design all of this like a real book but with a lot of new wrinkles.  In this book you will find not only recipes but you will find comments and helpful tips from peoples comments on the BBQ Forum.  The cookbook has in it not only information about barbecue but you will find recipes, tips, and comments about other types of foods.  Barbecue people are great cooks and so it's only natural that they have shared much information about other types of cooking, so I had to include them as well.


Now, navigating this cookbook is different but similar to a real cookbook.  What your reading now is a combination book cover, and introduction that you would find in a regular book.  You get around in this book by clicking on the tabs at the top of each page and using the menu on the left.  There is a search feature that will allow you to find anything you want so I don't know if we really need and index.  So just like that I have decided that there is no index in this book, just the search feature.


Ray Basso



Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 April 2010 )


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